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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Places To Be Visited Near Hyderabad: Anantgiri Road Trip Part -2

Till tow I told onwards journey in part one. How without any plan we started our journey. I wanted to be more descriptive as from where  to go and how to go all details but really I was not having any information.
Time was more than 5pm so we started but we were not knowing the path. That was making journey more adventures, both side of road was forest area.
   After coming down from hilly area we again stopped to have some more pics.(Actually taking pics was just .... we wanted to loo :P). As usual our Zeeshan bhai was asking us to hurry but we were busy in photo shoots. So many poses we tried, some on tree some on road some in dirt so many. For all pics credit Goes to Mr Vikas,macho man and his cam. :P
         Then we started again and came to plan land. After going around 10 kms there was some pond. Mr Vaibhav again gets excited as usual and this time he was supported by Avinash.Reaone was were carrying the volley ball so why not play. Though Zeeshan was shouting not to go still they stared towards the pond which was around 300 meters from main road. Then all of us joined them. Once Zeeshan bhai gave the Rodies pose, all started the same for there FB profile pic ;)
Zeeshan Bhai in Rodies

          We started playing but after few shots only ball went towards the pond and Nirava jumped to take the ball. But there was mud he slipped, moment he put his leg in the mud the soil sanked upto  half of his leg and Kumar went to give support. Same case with him also. Finally some how they came and cleaned their feet. It started dark now So we have to rush now. All started with speed more than 60. 
       It was around 10 kms before main road all of sudden waqif slowed down. He told us one biker is going one lady. So just for fun, to scare them, all of increased speed to catch that guy. He was leading the way we were following him like typical old Bollywood movie. Then we released about that lady so slowed down.

Pond with black soil

After 10 mins we reached main road then came back to home. Now it was too late so prepared 2mins Maggi had that and slept.


  1. Hope, you had nice time.Adventure and amusement. Right?

    1. yes sir, It was really adventurers more over it was unplanned so made it more special.

  2. Replies
    1. Sure there are many more which you missed or may miss :P

  3. gr8 trip