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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Konark Sun Temple India

Hi All,

I have came back from long deep sleep after very long time. I was quite busy in my life daily same routine office home office.... I was lost in between these two...no time at all. My daughter has become 4 now, I got promoted to senior consultant and many more things has been changed now and what I used to be once. I used to travel and enjoy now life goes in between home loan EMI and credit card bills....

Today I realized what I'm missing...today I'm very emotional about what I'm doing in my life....as per my friends I'm very lucky, well settled in my life have good wife, pretty daughter and a fair job to pay off my home loan.... but life needs more... I may forget all  emotions and start going office tomorrow on wards but today here I am. ..
 Last year I went to Konark sun temple with my family. I had great much waited and needed break from my hectic office life.
Different Dance Postures

 I will tell much more about all pictures in much more details as each picture has own significance. 
How Great Temple was built

A Woman getting ready

Day Life Wheel