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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Haapy Birth Day Maa (Mom) Mid Night Surprise, Ambi Pur "Smelly To Smiley

Today is my Mom's birth day. 

I still remember my childhood days, In My school times I used to distribute chocolates to all my class mets. One to all others and two or three to my closer friends. In the evening all my friends used to come with gifts, cut the cake and had dinner. After they leave open all the gifts with great excitement. But before my friends comes,I dress up with new cloths and go to temple. Still remember the taste of "prasadam", motichoor and besan k ladoo.

In whole year that day is used to be my day. I demand and I always got. Music system, Cycle with gear ( Avon Top Gear), computer everything.

Now this is my time to celebrate, though I can't call my mother's friends but still I can celebrate and I did it well. While coming back from office yesterday only I brought small cake. When She was in another room I hide that. Though I forget the candles. :)

Around 10:30 I went to bed as normal days. My Maa and Papa also went on bed after there night walk. Just before mid night 5 mins back my wife woke up me. I opened the cake and arranged in plate with my wife then went and nocked mom's door.

I spread some good fragrance Deo as I don't have much idea about good fragrance that you can get at www.facebook.com/AmbiPurIndia.
I also used some snow sprey to create some nice cozy and nice icy environment. My Mom hugged me with great surprise. No need to say how much happiness was spread with small action.

Me and my wife both touched her feet and wished her, shown the cake. She was surprised as when and how I bring the cake, when I came from office I was empty handed :). I knew that already so hide the cake outside the door only before knocking the door.

As I forgot the candle so put one match stick on cake and burnt with another one, that we did many times in college days. Me along with my wife and father celebrated and sung togather "Happy Birth day to Maa".... she was so happy. Tough I didn't got the first bite of cake my wife got :) still happy.
Then only my younger brother called. Not that much bigger but we celebrated my mom's birth day :)
Small Birth Day Cake with Match stick, no candles
In the evening we went to Jagan Nath Temple. I gave the the best gift that she can ever get.
Can you guys guess??


  1. Nice write. I like your gesture to your mother.

  2. Thanks Sir jee... Generally I say mummy only but from bottom of my heart Maa comes alws.