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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Roads Towards No End+Stay On This Roads+Best Road Trip Songs

Jackson Browne: "The Road"

Highways and dancehalls
A good song takes you far
You write about the moon
And you dream about the stars
Blues in old motel rooms
Girls in daddy's car
You sing about the nights
And you laugh about the scars

Clay Walker: "Texas Swing"

I love flying down the road
Buddy make this big rig roll
We got miles and miles to go
Before we sleep
From the big sky of Montana
To the peaches in Savannah
We're on our way to play that
Texas swing.

Richard "Dickie" Betts: "Highway Call"

Sometimes I feel so all alone
That ain't no place to be
I wish I had my feet under the table
A little child on my knee
Highway call
There's something in your song
Highway call
You keep me rollin' on.

Neil Diamond: "Blue Highway"

Gonna take that blue highway
And leave this sorry town
Stayed too long, but now I'm gone
And I know where I'm bound
I don't wanna take the interstate
It represents all the things I hate
I'm rolling down that blue highway.

England Dan and John Ford Coley: "New Jersey"

Black skies above me
And the concrete down below my feet
At night I'm blinded by the headlights
And the mountain roads are steep.
Two thousand more miles to bear

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