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Monday, November 11, 2013

My Platinum Day of Love

Though it has been around one years since I married. When I was in third year I got placement in Software Company since then my family specially relatives were taking interest in my marriage but some how I was able to postpone till last year.I met her with full family as arrange marriage tradition. Though it was arrange marriage but no one believes even in my office that it is not love marriage. 

In Jammu

   I tease her a lot. When ever I saw her and no one else is around or even around me but not looking at me I pass flying kiss to her always i.e. me, Maa(mother), Papa jee(father), sister every one are sitting and watching T.V or having tea in the evening, when ever my eyes meet with wife I pass flying kiss to her, she becomes as red as beetroot. When we go for sleep she laughs at me and says I m very cleaver. want to learn the some love tricks. 

  Every moment I spent with her is special but one instance I would like to share as my Platinum day of love is really recent one. One night my father was not at home, me, Maa and my sister were watching t.v. My wife was coming out of the kitchen. Kitchen was something like only I can see her and she can see me no one else. She tried to pass the kiss but at the moment she passed kiss to me, my sister bend and saw her. I was laughing like anything. Maa asked me what happen, my sister was also started laughing and my madam. O my God , no words at all how to explain her face. Maa(mother) called her and asked what happen. My wife was again blushing but not able to tell anything. Mother asked her "did you break anything again" as yesterday only she broke three cups , wife said no. Are you burned any where while cooking, Wife showed her hands and said no. I was laughing could not able to control. 

   When ever I remember the instance big smiles comes to my face.When ever her mood is off I remind her about the same incident and same blush appears on her face which was there on that day.



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