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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Most Devastating Natural Disasters In World + Uttarakhand News : Natural Disasters Series

Few days back in devastation in Utharakhand, state in India,which shook the complete India. The high loss of life caused by the cloud busting can be attributed to the time it struck and how suddenly it struck. Thousands of people affected because of that, Many shrines, holy places like Kedarnath (If want to know more about Temple history please  read my another post, Shri KedarNath Temple : Holiest & Highest Jyotirling), Iconic Gurudwara Hemkunt Sahib and  many more are badly damaged.  May remain closed for the rest of the year as the road link to the  shrine has been badly damaged. 

Prior to this also in 2004 Tsunami hit and many of us got affected due to that. Here are list of 10 most Devastating Naturals Disasters.

10. Tangshan Earth Quake :  1976 :
     July 28, 1976. It is believed to be the largest earthquake of the 20th century by death toll. The number of deaths initially reported by the Chinese government was 655,000.  It also struck at just before 4 AM, when most people were asleep and unprepared. Tangshan itself was thought to be in a region with a relatively low risk of earthquakes

9.  Antioch Earth Quake : 526AD : Death: 250,000:
 The earthquake was followed by a fire that destroyed most of the buildings left standing by the earthquake. The estimated magnitude for the earthquake is 7.0 on the surface wave magnitude scale. It was followed by 18 months of aftershocks.

8.  Indian Ocean Tsunami : 2004 : Death: 275,000:
The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake was an undersea megathrust earthquake that occurred on Sunday, 26 December 2004, with an epicentre off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia with a magnitude of Mw 9.1–9.3, it is the third largest earthquake ever recorded on a seismograph.

7.  Haiphong Cyclone : 1881 : 300,000:
     The cyclone smashed into the Gulf of Tonkin, setting off tidal waves that flooded the city of Haiphong in northeastern Vietnam, caused widespread destruction, and killed an estimated 300,000 inhabitants.Today, it functions as the outport of the capital, Hanoi.

6. Coringa Cyclone : 1839 : 3000,000:
     This storm caused the third largest loss of life from any tropical cyclone worldwide, tied with Vietnam’s 1881 Haiphong typhoon (also causing 300,000 fatalities). Storms in the Bay of Bengal actually account for seven of the 10 deadliest hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones in recorded history.

5.  Hooghly River Cyclone  : 1737 : 350,000:
     Early in the morning on October 11, 1737, a large cyclone made landfall inside the Ganges River Delta, located just south of Calcutta, West Bengal, India. The cyclone caused a storm surge 10-13 m (30-40 ft) in the Ganges with a reported 381 mm (15 in) of rain falling in a 6-hour period. The storm tracked approximately 330 km (200 mi) inland before dissipating.

4. Bhola Cyclone : 1970 : 500,000:
     The cyclone formed over the central Bay of Bengal on November 8 and traveled north, intensifying as it did so. It reached its peak with winds of 185 km/h (115 mph) on November 11, and made landfall on the coast of Bangladesh that night.

3. Shaanxi Earthquake : 1556 : 830,000:
    Also know as Jiajing earthquake, occurred on the morning of 23 January 1556 in Shaanxi, during the Ming Dynasty.

2. Yellow River Flood  : 1887 : 1.5M:
     The 1938 Yellow River flood was a flood created by the Nationalist Government in central China during the early stage of the Second Sino-Japanese War in an attempt to halt the rapid advance of the Japanese forces. It has been called the "largest act of environmental warfare in history

1. China Floods: 1931: Death Total 4million:

for more details please check: http://www.hurricanescience.org
                                             source : http://en.wikipedia.org

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