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Sunday, April 3, 2011

My First Team Visit : Nagarjuna Sagar Dam: India's Largets Dam + Tallest Masonry Dam In The World.

It has been a long time i visited to new place.Now I shifted to Hyderabad.the friends with whom I live are generally have to work in shift so many time we tried to go out but program failed.Finally my wish come true and my team decided to go for outing. There are almost 9 memebers in my team. After a long discussion we decided to go to Nagarjuna Sagar Dam. As holy was about to come so we deceide that we will go there and have a fun in dam and waterfall.

In the moring we were suppose to start at 5AM.I was dam sure that I would not make to wake up in Morning. so I asked to all my team mets when they will leave from their home Give me a call.So finally I wake up When my frnds started calling me. Around 6:30 they came to near by my home.Then we started our journey.

We were total 9 members. Around 20 km we travelled then we stopped for Breakfast. every body had Breakfast but the menu was limited to Vada Sambhar,Idaly Wada and Dosa only.

First we reached to Boating Point from tere arround 45 mins travel in the Boat we reached to Nagarjuna konda island. A boat ride would take you to the island, a place with the most beautiful landscape. This place of global recognition and scenic countryside should not be missed during your trip to Andhra Pradesh. On the Island There is one famous Buddhist relics and an exquisite museum.

About The Nagarjuna Sagar Dam:
One of the tallest masonry dams of the world, the Nagarjuna Dam irrigates over 10 lakh acres of land in Guntur, Prakasam, Nalgonda, Khammam and Krishna districts. It is located on the borders Guntur - Nalgonda districts. The construction of the dam was completed in 1966. This mighty dam is 124m high and 1-km long. It is built across the river Krishna and has one of the largest networks of canal systems.

Ethipothala waterfalls

How To Reach:
By Air : The nearest airport is at Hyderabad (150 km).
By Rail : The nearest railway station is at Macherla about 20 kms away from Nagarjuna Dam.
By Road : Regular bus services from Hyderabad , Guntur and Vijayawada are available.

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