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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Cave City of Vardzia in Georgia:World Tourism

One of the most famous ancient monuments of Georgia is located in Vardzia near the Armenian border. Built in the twelfth century, during the Golden Age of Georgia, by Giorgi III, this city of caves was originally intended as a military fortress.

At Mount Erusheli in southern Georgia State in the territory's history Samcche, near Aspindza. Precisely located on the left edge of the Mtkvari River, there is a historic building which was founded by Queen Tamar in 1185, in the form of a cave city Vardzia.
Cave city Vardzia also called Rock Vardzia Monastery is the largest architectural and historic complex in Georgia. Built carved and cut by steep rock cliffs. These buildings have a size of about 900 meters wide and 70 meters high.

Vardzia is remarkable cave city, which in its heyday housed 50,000 people, was actually carved into the side of the rocky cliffs. The entire cave complex is situated high up in the mountains to keep it safe from invading hordes. Vardzia is a very special place, considered a cultural symbol and a source of pride to Georgians, and a must-see for tourists who travel to Georgia.

Vardzia now
In the modern days Vardzia is a major tourist attraction in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region of Georgia. The place is maintained by a small group of monks and can be visited for a small fee. Marshrutkas go to Vardzia daily from the city of Akhaltsikhe.
About three hundred apartments and halls remain visitable and in some tunnels the old irrigation pipes still bring drinkable water.

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